Record of participants at the eleventh 100km-Self-Transcendence-Race

On the 13th of June 2004 the 100km-Self-Transcendence-Race in the Vienna Prater has bin held for the eleventh time. 83 participants - 53 solo runners and 10 teams with a total of 30 relay runners - participated in this meanwhile established race. In times of running boom this may be an expression of the continuous evolution of the running sport, more and more people nowadays want to cross the magic border of 42 km of the marathon distance and look for new challenges in the field of ultra running distance.

The leading woman was Claudia Illetschko, who achieved the first place with 10h05'01'', followed by Brigitte Stadlwieser with 10h17'32'' and Ganthika Hammerl with 10h39'03''. Winner of the mans category was also this year the favourite Dr. Markus Thalmann with 7h32'53'', by which the 40 years old hart surgeon on his tenth participation to the 100km-Self-Transcendence-Race the first place achieved. Second and third stood Rudolf Ottitsch with 8h15'06'' and Gerhard Toppler with 8h28'21''.

The dry weather, although too cool for the season, offered the runners optimal conditions. The atmosphere and mood during the race where good, relaxed and for runners and spectators evenly inspiring. Even if the runners sometimes were showing the hardships of this for most runners unusual long distance, almost everybody who dared to challenge this 100km-Race could successfully finish the race.

We most heartily congratulate all participants!

(Indivar Stolba)